MadLab was a highly popular element of last year’s Festival and we are delighted to welcome back Meg and James to run it this year in all of our 10 participating schools to complement their own Open Day sessions.

MadLab fits well with our philosophy of giving every child the chance to engage in the science activity individually. This means that every child will take home something that both helped them understand how things work, and was also fun to make.

Aimed at ages P4-P7, a MadLab workshop helps youngsters learn how to construct an electronic gadget. In the first part of the workshop, children are introduced to electronic components and to the importance of electronic circuits. In the second part, every child learns how to use a soldering iron and makes their own fully-functioning gadget.

For younger children (P1 – P3), Rude Mechanicals is a practical hands-on workshop where they learn about mechanical forces and construct a cardboard kit to demonstrate some of the principles they have learned, for example a crane or a roundabout.

There is something for nursery age children too; the Future Group will get them thinking about how mechanical toys are controlled, and how they can program a toy to do what they want it to do with the aid of programmable codapillars and robotic toys.