Sunday 25th March (Please note date change)

We were keen to ensure that Donside had its own Festival with it’s own activities. So if you enjoyed the University of Edinburgh’s Roadshow SCI-FUN in Aboyne, or if you could not make it there, then come and join us in Towie on Donside for the final day of our Festival presented by the members of the Cromar Future Group.


10:00 to 11:30 & 14:30 to 16:00 : ROBOT FUN : Our popular robot fun sessions include a range of programmable and fun robots for all ages. Our
little robots have appeared at local events and at the Aberdeen Science Centre. From codable dash and dot, codapillars and rekon rovers, to fun Star Wars BB8s and Rev Cars, there is something for everyone.

Initial design for play park and cat and dog exercise area

11:45 to 14:15 : FAMILY ACTIVITY : LIVING ON MARS What would make living as a colonist on another planet bearable? How would you help colonists stay healthy both physically and mentally? What would be important to your family? Have a go at designing your ideal facilities. We will brief you on the Mars’ environment, photograph your completed design and send you the photo.



CODE AWAY : Coding is a highly desirable modern skill which allows access to the well paid jobs in the digital economy. Let us help you : set-up a SCRATCH account and learn to code a cartoon or game : or improve your SCRATCH skills or code a micro-bit.


ASK AN EXPERT : Come and ask our experts all the questions you have on computers, how to use them or why you are having a problem. It does not matter how young or old you are, they are there to help you get the best out of your tech. Take this opportunity for some free advice on issues such as cloud computing for businesses; using the free facilities on Google; how to identify which computer to buy; or whether or not your current laptop is compromised by a security issue.

ANIMATED : Come and have a go at stop motion animation using stikbots and green screens. Build a set for them or choose a backdrop…… then all you need is a lot of patience and imagination.


ROCKS ROCK : Explore rocks and fossils with our geologists who will take you on a trip into Earth’s past.

FUNGI – HIDDEN KILLERS : Peer down a microscope at the spooky world of killer fungi. Examine real samples, see how your immune cells intercept and engulf fungal invasions. Place fungal models on a life size anatomy torso to see which organs get infected in this visit to the world inside your body.

HANDS-ON SCIENCE : Have a go at a range of hands-on activities and experiments with help from researchers from the University of Aberdeen.